Solar Panel Cleaning & Restoration

Solar Panels create energy from the light produced by the sun. Anything that restricts the sunlight getting to the solar panel cells reduces the energy produced. The energy production can be reduced by dirt, dust, tree sap, and even water spots and minerals built up during the winter rains.

Just think about your car, if it is parked outside, it gets dirty. If you just spray water on your car it will not get clean and will dry with spots. Many times, it will look worse than it did before you started.

At Sun Systems, we take great pride in increasing the efficiency in your operating system by cleaning your solar panels and returning them to an efficient, energy-producing machine. During the winter months, we also apply a rain repellant.

How much can you save by keeping your solar panels clean year round?  Google Corp commissioned a study on the solar farm at their corporate headquarters.  Click here to see how their study saved them money.

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