Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I even clean my solar panels?

Over time, dust, bird droppings and debris can accumulate on your solar panels,  reducing their efficiency.  Google conducted a study on the panels used at their corporate headquarters.  They found that, with regular cleaning, they increased the panel's efficiency by 50%.

Doesn't the rain clean my solar panels?

Have you ever left your car out in the rain?  At Sun Systems, we use specific cleaning materials to ensure that the panels are free from all of the minerals, stains, and dirt built-up over time.  During the winter, we also apply a special rain repellent, which helps to minimize any standing water on the panels, preventing the buildup of stains and minerals.

Why not just do it yourself?

Most people do not want to go up on their roofs.  Additionally, we use a system to ensure that the panels are cleaned and maintained to maximize the solar panel's operating system.  We also schedule the cleanings on a regular and consistent basis.

Is getting my solar panels cleaned expensive?

Pricing is based on the size of your system, accessibility to your panels, water source, etcetera.  Contact us for your personal price quote.

How often should my panels be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your panels on a quarterly basis.  With the different seasons and all the different particulate matters in the air, we suggest regularly scheduled service.

Does this panel need to be cleaned?

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